Working Long Hours And Sleeping Less Have Serious Health Consequences During Old Age

Working Long Hours

We all work for a living. We were taught that hard work will reward us with riches. While it’s true that working hard is beneficial later in life, working long hours with short sleep tip the balance.

Sleep is vital for health. Science now proves that during sleep, the brain does its detoxification or cleansing. This process is called glymphatic cleansing and only happens during sleep. This is during this time in which the brain flushes out plaques.

Sleep is one of the many ways to avoid depression because depression accelerates aging. Unfortunately, workaholic men who seem to put little importance on sleep suffer from poor physical health as they aged. Finnish scientists conducted their study with lead author Dr. Mikaela Birgitta von Bonsdorff said to Reuters;

The results indicate that it is important to rest if working long hours, and employers should promote healthy living habits which contribute to better sleep quality.

The findings of the study is published in Oxford Journals Age and AgeingREF.

Long Hours Of Work Means Sitting Too Much

Although this is not true for all, but most people who work for long hours are also sitting too much. Unfortunately, sitting too much is also unhealthy as it can result in metabolic syndrome and obesity.

One study published in the Annals of Internal MedicineREF found that;

Prolonged sedentary time was independently associated with deleterious health outcomes regardless of physical activity.

However, while these findings equate that people who are involved working on desk jobs seem to have no options to be health, there is always something that works. Another study in American Journal of PhysiologyREF says that a simple fidgeting can counter the negative effect of prolonged sitting.

Of course, adding regular exercise such as resistance training even for just a short period is a valuable effort. A daily Tibetan rites can be a good option, as well.