Women Can Boost Libido By Simply Changing Their Diet

Female Libido

When it comes to libido problems, it’s not just men who experience it, but women, as well. Women can also experience a declining sex drive plus other sexual problems including painful periods and infertility. Just recently, the FDA approved a female version of Viagra also known as the Pink Viagra with medical name Flibanserin under a brand name Addyi from Sprout Pharmaceuticals, but it seems it does not solve women’s sexual libido issue. According to an article by Mercola.com, it has only marginal benefits and serious risks based on one study released recently at JAMA.

So, what’s the solution on boosting sexual libido as it seems there is no such pill specific for women for boosting sexual drive? Unlike men, there are numerous dietary male enhancement pills available over the counter with natural formulation and do not require a doctor’s prescription. According to author Alissa Vitti in an interview with Dr. Manny at Fox News, a change in diet can have a positive impact on women’s libido problems. She believes in a nutritionist’s point of view that an adjustments in diet can fix sexual health in women.

Alissa Vitti is the author of the book Woman Code, which shows women how to approach sexual health problems in a holistic way through clean and healthy eating. She mentioned that medications including antidepressants are not the only solutions to tackling women’s sexual health, but consider hormonal health by eating the right foods that are nourishing.

This concept is not new, and not just for women. In fact, there are evidences that men eating a clean and nourishing diet enjoy a healthy prostate. For thousands of years, and even if go back 100 years in the past, the issues of cancers, low libido in men and women, and many other diseases were almost unheard. Today, however, it has been very prevalent, so there must be something wrong with what we eat and the environment, too.

Speaking of environment, there have been many significant changes both good and bad. Yes, we see the good, but often times the good has its bad twin, which means the ways to produce the good can have negative consequences, as well. For instance, we have not the convenience of using a wide variety of effective cleaners, but on the other side, these cleaners contain harmful chemicals that when we’re exposed for long, it can have a negative impact on our health. The same is true with food. Today, foods are abundant, but let’s not forgets its abundance comes with a price, and that’s the used of pesticides and herbicides.

The biotech industry took it one step further by creating genetically modified organisms, which they put in plants like corn and soy. The products of these genetically engineered foods are known as GMO, and one study by the French researcher Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini found evidence of GMO’s negative effects on health over the long run. Séralini published many papers from his studies regarding GMO and glyphosate.

So, why not try going back to the old school way of staying healthy by eating clean and nourishing foods. It was Hippocrates who first said that has been recorded in history that food is medicine.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Therefore, start changing your eating habits today. If you’re into eating highly processed foods loaded with refined sugars and refined carbs, it’s time to start the change slowly. You may not like spicy foods, but it’s a good start as the ancient used as an aphrodisiac plus recent study found it can make a person live longer.

If men have testosterone as their sexual hormone, women have oestrogen and progesterone as primary sexual hormones. In her book, Alisa Vitti shows how to maintain and balance these hormones.