Resistance Training Should Be Named As An Anti-Aging Pill

Exercise As Anti-Aging

Exercise is not just a vital part of staying healthy but also slowing down aging. Lack of exercise can, in fact, accelerates the aging process. Regular physical activity is also linked to longevity and boost men’s testosterone level especially when combined with healthy eating practices.

How Resistance Training Works As Anti-Aging?

Resistance training also called as strength and weight training works in reversing aging at a gene level. In a study, researchers found that resistance training on older people reduced oxidative stress markers while at the same time increasing antioxidant enzyme activityREF.

In another studyREF, it has been shown that strength training is helpful in reducing bone loss. Additionally, in a different studyREF it showed that strength training can actually help build bones.

Resistance training is now a part of an anti-aging therapyREF due to its effectiveness in developing skeletomuscular strength. As a matter fact, there are health organizations prescribing it for boosting health and fitness like the ACSM. Even the healthy populations are prescribedREF with resistance training for protective health benefits.

Other Benefits of Resistance Training

The benefits of doing resistance training are backed by science. In this case, it is beneficial as an anti-aging solution. However, the benefits do not stop there. Below are other benefits especially when combined eating healthy foods including spicy foods and intermittent fasting.

Upon engaging and committing to healthy lifestyle practices, a series of health benefits occur including risk reduction of the following;

Exercise As An Anti-Aging Pill

Ernestine Shepherd proves that exercise is really an anti-aging pill. In 2010, the Guinness World Records recognized her as the World’s Oldest Performing Female BodyBuilder. Read and learn her story. Be inspired and stay young with exercise.