Welcome to PattyAnne.Net website where I share all my tips and secrets to beauty for both men and women. In reality, there is not really a secret because when one is hooked on the idea of better health and wellness, doing and living healthy lifestyle is just a part of a daily life.

Now, there lots of products today that claimed to be the secret towards the fountain of youth. Some of these are true and give real results while some are not. So far, what I have used are working and they’re all natural. Although, I have emphasized HGH as No. 1 anti aging solution, I haven’t tried injection, but I’ve tried supplementation. And, with just any supplementation, it should not be considered the primary means of living a healthy lifestyle. I’m a health and wellness fanatic, and I’m gonna be sharing the things I’m doing in order to keep my youthful feel and look.

Patty Anne Olson

I’m currently in my mid-30’s and I’m feeling great at it. I’m happily married to a loving husband with two children whom I’m not going to divulged in this online adventure of mine. This is just my online hobby. In fact, I don’t share my personal Facebook and Twitter pages here, but I will be providing a dedicated accounts for you(readers) to easily communicate and share also your experiences either through commenting or social means.

Here’s an interesting video from TedxTalks presented by David Sinclair. Some of you might have already watched the video, but for those who haven’t, yet… it’s an interesting video to watch.